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What is Space Quail?

If you like cute little birds and optimistic science fiction, this is the series for you!

Space Quail: A Strange Space Webcomic is a cozy, lighthearted science fiction comic written and illustrated by Katie Silverwings, and is a spin-off of Silverwings' Strange Space Adventures series of books. As with the other Strange Space stories, Space Quail is set in a distant future where humanity has its collective act together and people (or, in this case, quail) are accepted for who they are by default.

In the context of the Strange Space stories, Space Quail is a comic series created by one of the characters for her own amusement. The identity of the in-universe creator of Space Quail is still a closely guarded secret, even among the other characters.

Space Quail updates sporadically for the time being while Silverwings is busy preparing several of the long-form books and other projects which are scheduled for release in 2024 and 2025. Individual pages of the series go up on this website, Tapas, and Instagram once a week once the episode is ready for release. Higher-tier members of the Strange Space Fan Club get to read each episode in full in advance of public release!

©2024 by Katie Silverwings.

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