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Adventures happen when you least expect them...

In the time of the Novan War, the pilots of the 2nd Darter Squadron “Musketeers” are no strangers to peril. Even the little Florivan kitten who serves as their mascot has a tendency to get into trouble. When two of the Musketeers and their mascot find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted mining colony, though, they find themselves in a situation none of their previous adventures could have prepared them for.

With no way to contact the rest of the Defense Fleet, they’ll have to find their own way to repair their darters and get back to their starship. To make matters worse, enemy forces are lurking in the nearby asteroids.

The Mayview outpost was abandoned at the start of the War, but the Musketeers aren’t alone here. Someone is watching them from behind the overgrown vines...

©2024 by Katie Silverwings.

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