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Ranger Captain Taimri Hämäläinen loved playing in the snow as a child. Now, on a vacation with her family in the snow-covered mountains of a certain planet in the Beta Centauri sytem, she has a chance to share all of her favorite winter games with her own children.

Taimri’s three adopted Florivan kittens, of course, have never seen snow before; they live on a space station with her husband, George Barker. That only makes it more fun to dress Sky, Storm, and Ocean up in their warmest clothes and take them out into the frosted wonderland, in Taimri’s opinion.

While her Florivan counterpart, River Myrval, stays behind in the cozy comforts of the lodge, Taimri and her kittens are in for a bit of an adventure they hadn’t expected...

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©2024 by Katie Silverwings.

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