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Presenting the April 2023 Patreon-Exclusive Strange Space Short Story!

The latest Strange Space Short Story is here!

An Interlude of Colors is the slightly-delayed April installment of my "twelve short stories in 2023" series on Patreon, and is also the specially-requested story for one of my patrons! Thank you so much to Sharon T. Hinton, the Astral Navigator tier patron who gave me the "Florivan kittens and finger-paints" prompt as part of her patron rewards. I had entirely too much fun writing this one and designing the cover.

This story is also a bit of a postscript to my newest novel, The Garden in the Darkness. You don't have to have read that to understand this, but it does lend some insight into a few things!

Here's a little preview of what to expect in this story:

Why be bored when you can be colorful?
Bored and stressed pilots are the bane of a Darter Mechanic’s existence. They tend to get into more trouble than usual, if they’re left alone too long with nothing to do or without an outlet for their emotional energy—and in Petty Officer Third Class Elias Rudolph’s case, as the maintenance tech for the 2nd Darter Squadron, he’s the one a certain Admiral tends to blame for any chaos his pilots cause.
Bored Florivan kittens, in his opinion, are just as bad as pilots. The only difference is that their chaos is adorable instead of annoying.
The answer to both, it seems, is contained within a box the ship’s quartermaster is holding for him...

As always, if you want to read this story and find out what's in the box, you can by becoming one of my wonderful, shiny patrons! Patrons also get access to my full archive of long-form stories and patron-exclusive shorts, as well as other neat perks.

I hope you all enjoy this story from the world of Strange Space! You can find it on Patreon at

Stay shiny,

Katie Silverwings

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