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Presenting: The March 2023 Patreon-exclusive Strange Space short story!

The "March" Strange Space short story is now up on my Patreon!

This time, my wonderfully stellar patrons will get to read "The Tragedy of Harold the Violet". This is something of a coda to my book How Ocean Merlani Stole their Navigator, but you don't need to have read Ocean's novel to understand it. (It does enhance the story to know more about Ocean and their friends, though!)

Here's a little teaser for you of what to expect in this story:

It's a fact of the universe that some humans talk to plants. It's a bit more unusual to have a plant sending you digital messages every time its living conditions aren't satisfactory enough. Reese Vasquez is the sort of human who talks to her houseplants, and she can't help but want to share her hobby with her best friend. No matter how bad her Florivan counterpart's reputation is for having four brown thumbs, then, Reese is determined that there must be at least one plant in the galaxy that Ocean can handle. Enter Harold, an African violet with what Reese would call "personality"...
Hello, new friend! My name is Harold! I am a Saintpaulia dificilis belonging to Ensign Ocean Merlani Barker of ESS Ammonite! Ocean takes very good care of me. I only have to drop them two or three hints now before they remember to water me, too! If it's not too much trouble, could you please move me over where I can see the sun? It's a little too shady where I'm sitting right now...

I'm so excited to share this story with my patrons! (If you're reading this and you aren't a patron yet, consider joining! My patrons get a new short story to read every month. They also get to read every chapter of my new serialized books ahead of when I post them publicly, as well as access to my full online archive and other fun perks. Thank you so much to everyone who supports me already!)

You can find this story here on my Patreon!

Stay shiny!

-Katie Silverwings

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