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Katie Silverwings' optimistic science fiction stories set in the Strange Space universe center around notions of exploration, personal discovery, friendship, and found family. Featuring a cast of diverse and intriguing characters, these tales cast a hopeful eye towards the future of humanity. 

Step into the world of Strange Space and meet Silverwings' enigmatic aliens and their human friends. There's always something more to discover...

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A fae creature of starlight and fire...

Glassblower, visual artist, and writer, originally from Texas and now a nomadic creative spirit. 

Katie Silverwings specializes in optimistic speculative fiction and artwork inspired by and incorporating traditional handcraft techniques. The nest of Katie Silverwings holds many curious things for you to discover, from shiny and unique art pieces to fantastical collections of words.

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Read Space Quail!

If you like cute little birds and lighthearted space adventures, you're in the right place!

The cover of Space Quail by Katie Silverwings. [Image: A cartoon quail in silver and the words Space Quail by Katie Silverwings in silver over a galaxy background.]
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