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About Katie Silverwings

Katie Silverwings BW Zoo.png

Katie Silverwings is a glassblower, visual artist, and writer, originally from Texas and now a nomadic creative spirit. She holds a BA in English and History from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, as well as a BA (Hons.) in Glass from the University for the Creative Arts in the UK.


Silverwings identifies as aromantic, asexual, and genderfae; “she/her”, “they/them”, and “fae/ faer” pronouns are all welcome.

Long fascinated by nature and space, Silverwings’ speculative fiction work centers around notions of optimistic futurism, friendship, found family, and adventurous journeys into the known and unknown. Her characters do most of the driving, and she does her best to keep up and negotiate pleasing stories with them. Silverwings is best known for her Strange Space series.

Silverwings’ two cats are commonly found staring over her shoulder while she’s writing. The small cloud of dark matter with eyes likes to sit in her lap and interfere with typing, while the calico makes operatic editorial comments from across the room.

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