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Space Quail!


Author's Log

This way to adventure!

I'm so excited to finally be bringing out my latest project, Space Quail! This little comic has been in development for a while, and will follow the adventures of Captain Coturnix and his fellow Space Quail. (In the context of my Strange Space stories, this is an in-universe comic that one of my characters creates to share with her family.)

If you like cute little birds and lighthearted science fiction adventures, you're in the right place!


You can also find Space Quail on the official @SpaceQuail Instagram account and on Tapas. The comic will be updating sporadically for the time being, as my characters have a lot of other book and art projects in the works for 2024. If Captain Coturnix and company get a good amount of attention this year, I will be able to dedicate a larger portion of my creating time to them going forward. 

Higher-tier members of the Strange Space Fan Club get early access to new full episodes of Space Quail before the pages begin to update here on the public end of the site. All members in good standing have the opportunity to leave moderated comments below–and a lot of other neat perks, too!


©2024 by Katie Silverwings.

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