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Episode 3: Page 1


Author's Log

So begins Episode 3 of Space Quail!

I am delighted to be introducing another member of the core cast in this episode. More than that, they're a button quail! Also known as king quail, button quail are the smallest true quail... and as chicks, they can sit comfortably in a bottle cap. How could I resist adding one of these cuties to the mix?

(If you've never seen a button quail and need something to brighten your day, check out @FatHenFarms on Instagram. You will not be disappointed, for his quail are absolutely adorable.)


Space Quail updates with one page every Saturday at the moment on both Instagram and Tapas, as well as my personal website. Higher-tier members of the Strange Space Fan Club get access to full episodes ahead of their public release!

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