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The Wings and a Prayer Project

Stained glass dove

The "Wings and a Prayer Project" is an ongoing body of work created as part of my role as the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing's Artist in Residence. A portion of profits from the sale of these pieces goes to support the work of the Westberg Institute's World Forum and networks of Faith Community (Parish) Nurses across the globe. For 2023, the money raised through the Wings and a Prayer Project will directly benefit the World Forum's network of nurses, chaplains, and volunteers in Ukraine.

Wings and a Prayer debuted at the 2023 Westberg Symposium at the Caring for the Human Spirit Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The initial display included three stained glass hanging panels and thirty smaller dove sun catchers, as well as a flock of origami peace crane ornaments.


The central motif for this body of work is a stained glass dove, based on an origami pattern. This dove is symbolic of peace, hope, and the specialty practice of Faith Community Nursing. I am currently making Wings and a Prayer pieces in copper foil stained glass, but have plans to add textile-based pieces in the near future.

If you would like to support the Wings and a Prayer Project, pieces are still available for sale or commission in my shop!

2023 Westberg Symposium at the Caring For the Human Spirit Conference Display

Small Stained Glass Doves

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