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Strange Space Adventures

Exciting things are coming!

With Feathered Friendship nearing its conclusion, it's time for me to reveal some secretive plans I have been formulating over the last few months!

First: My website has a new area just for my Strange Space stories! This includes a blog-type thing which will be the home of the upcoming novels and novellas in the series as I serialize each of them. Visit to check it out.

Second: Patrons will now get to read Strange Space short stories in between longer works! The first of these, Fox in the Cave, will be released on September 17th. (I'm so excited to share it with you! This was the first short story I wrote for Cobalt after starting the long-form narrative project that all of these stories tie into, and it's still my favorite out of all of them.)

Third: A new novel will be coming out in serialized form starting on Tuesday, September 20th! Patrons will get to read the first four chapters that day, while chapter 1 will be up on my website. After that, one chapter will be added every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until the story is done. (The full story will remain up on my website for one week after the last chapter is posted, and then will become part of the Patron-only story archive.)

Celadon is the first novel about one of my favorite Florivans, Celadon Toreval, (who always seems to find their way into everyone else's narratives whether I expect them to make a cameo or not... 👀) along with their human best friend and their family as they find their way through a turning point in the history of their people. There's a lot of cute family and friendship moments in this one, as well as an undercurrent of finding peace and healing despite deep personal losses. Celadon also sets the stage for a number of future stories which all take place in the era of the Novan War which Navy and their friends allude to in some parts of Feathered Friendship. My characters and I can't wait to share this story with you!

Fourth: To celebrate Celadon's launch, I'll be reading Chapter 1 on a livestream again! The two livestream times will be 6PM and 8PM on September 20th.

Fifth: Pre-orders for print and ebook copies of Celadon will open on September 20th! The full novel comes out in print and ebook on November 18th.

Celadon Update Schedule:

  • Sep. 20: Chapter 1 (Patrons: Chapters 1-4)

  • Sep. 22: Chapter 2 (Patrons: Chapter 5)

  • Sep. 24: Chapter 3 (Patrons: Chapter 6)

  • Sep. 27: Chapter 4 (Patrons: Chapter 7)

  • Sep. 29: Chapter 5 (Patrons: Chapter 8)

  • Oct. 1: Chapter 6 (Patrons: Chapter 9)

  • Oct. 4: Chapter 7 (Patrons: Chapter 10)

  • Oct. 6: Chapter 8 (Patrons: Chapter 11)

  • Oct. 8: Chapter 9 (Patrons: Chapter 12)

  • Oct. 11: Chapter 10 (Patrons: Chapter 13)

  • Oct. 13: Chapter 11 (Patrons: Chapter 14)

  • Oct. 15: Chapter 12 (Patrons: Chapter 15)

  • Oct. 18: Chapter 13 (Patrons: Chapter 16)

  • Oct. 20: Chapter 14 (Patrons: Chapter 17)

  • Oct. 22: Chapter 15 (Patrons: Chapter 18)

  • Oct. 25: Chapter 16 (Patrons: Chapter 19)

  • Oct. 27: Chapter 17 (Patrons: Chapter 20 + Appendixes)

  • Oct. 29: Chapter 18 (Patrons: A new short story!)

  • Nov. 1: Chapter 19 (Patrons: A new novel begins!)

  • Nov. 2: Chapter 20 (Patrons: A new novel continues!)

I am so grateful to all of you for your support and interest in my stories. Thank you, as always, for going on this journey with me.

Stay shiny!

-Katie Silverwings

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