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Strange Space Adventures

Presenting Celadon!

My second self-published novel from Strange Space is ready to be unleashed upon the world!

Celadon is the first novel about one of my favorite Florivans, Celadon Toreval, (who always seems to find their way into everyone else's narratives whether I expect them to make a cameo or not... 👀) along with their human best friend and their family as they find their way through a turning point in the history of their people. There's a lot of cute family and friendship moments in this one, as well as an undercurrent of finding peace and healing despite deep personal losses. Celadon also sets the stage for a number of future stories which all take place in the era of the Novan War which Navy and their friends allude to in some parts of Feathered Friendship.

From the back cover of the book, here's a bit more about Celadon:

It's the dawn of a new era...
The Novan War has just begun. All that stands between Humanity and utter destruction are the ships of the Sol Coalition Defense Fleet.
The only problem? None of those ships are equipped with the all-important Quantum Space Drive which allows humanity to travel between planets and stars at a reasonable scale of time. The Drive needs Florivan QSD Engineers to run it, and Florivans are pacifists. Their Council of Elders has never allowed service on military vessels.
The Fleet can do little more than sit at the edges of the Coalition’s seven member systems and wait for the Novans to attack.
Celadon Toreval is the Youngest of the Florivan Council of Elders. If anyone can come to Fleet Admiral Marvin’s aid and help her save her people—and theirs—it’s them.
Celadon, though has their own reasons to get involved...
The time to act has come.

Celadon will begin serializing on Tuesday, September 20th. It will also open for print and ebook pre-orders on the 20th, and will be released on November 18th. I can't wait to see what y'all think of this story!


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