Artist Statement

I make work which combines my love of historic craft with my fascination for the physical and visual qualities of my materials. My roots as a farmer's child and the exploration of my own heritage and homeland are a constant undercurrent in my art, as is my long-standing interest in natural history.


I often draw on historic forms and motifs in order to create objects and installations which highlight concepts such as positivity, resilience, and the communal connections between people. Traditional “women’s work” craft juxtaposed with the more “male-dominated” medium of glass is a particular fascination for me, as are the details of plants, minerals, and creatures. I work with both blown glass and traditional textile crafts such as patchwork and felt making, and let my materials influence how my projects evolve. With all of my pieces, I aim to make beautiful, well-crafted things which spark joy for the viewer.

Reflections on Patchwork and Glass

Final year project at UCA Farnham: Exploring traditional American-style block patchwork through hand-dyed fabric and murrine glass

Ruffled Metal and Glass Forms

Collaborative Work with Beth Horsley-Frost exploring the interaction between metal collars and blown glass forms

Westberg Institute 30th Anniversary Signature Quilt

Commissioned Work: A hand-embroidered stained glass signature quilt made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center and Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing